Rodney Waits, is a dynamic faith based entrepreneur and the host of IMPACT > INFLUNENCE  podcast. With a background in real estate, Rodney understands the importance of creating a space that feels like home, not just a house. He also knows that true peace and fulfillment come from within and that true home is within our hearts.

Rodney is a certified life coach, who has helped countless individuals achieve their personal and professional goals through the guidance of God. He believes that our purpose in life is to align with God's will and to live a life that is full of purpose and meaning. He helps his clients to connect with their faith, identify their limiting beliefs, and overcome them through the guidance of faith. His clients learn to create a vision for their lives, set and achieve goals, and live their best lives in alignment with God's will.

Beyond coaching, Rodney is also an entrepreneur who has started and grown multiple successful businesses. He understands the importance of taking action and the power of hard work. He is passionate about helping others turn their dreams into reality through their faith in God. He teaches his clients how to think like an entrepreneur and how to create a successful business and still be aligned with Jesus.